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Apostagma Oenou
Eau de Vie de Vin

Aged Eau de Vie de Vin – Brandy

Variety:Sideritis 100%
Type: Eau de Vie de Vin – Brandy
Alcohol Content:40.0% νοl.

Ageing:Twelve (12) years in French oak barrels (Limousin) .
Content:700 ml.
Distillation:Slow, single distilled, in an Ambix (Charentais Alembic). We separate the beginning (head) and the ending (tail) of the distillation process and we keep only the middle distillation (the heart).
Bottling:In our distillery at Mpozaitika, Patras

Characteristics: Unique aromas, rich, complex characteristics, distinct fine secondary aromas, (anthostomia) complex and highly aromatic rounded finish, distinct characteristics of excellent brandy

Food Pairing: Main course, strong cheese, a fine cigar

“Apostagma, Eau de vie Parparoussis” is produced from the Sideritis grape, a grape variety unique to Greece. We select in an early harvest of a late season grape, unripen Sideritis grapes that have high acidity and low sugar content to ensure a fermentation process that results in very clean aromas and unique characteristics. This creates “Apostagma, Eau de vie Parparoussis” with distinct fine secondary aromas (anthostomia) complexity and highly aromatic, distinct characteristics of excellent brandy. A brandy of high class, unique aromas and complex characteristics, is offered to the consumers.