Lotos (Lotus) | Οινοποιία Παρπαρούση 




Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%
Vintage: 2023
Type: Dry Rose Wine
Alcohol Content: 12.0% νοl.

Soil: Gravel-sand, alluvial deposits
Location: Privately owned vineyard in Western Achaia
Micro-climate: Marine Mediterranean
Vinification: Classic vinification, stays with the skins for 10-12 hours. Alcoholic fermentation at low temperature. Maintenance all year round at 15 oC
First Vintage: 2015

Characteristics: Soft orange color of Lotus with onion tones. Aromas of flowers, tangerine and citrus peel, almond, white flesh peach and hints of melon and mango. Elegant in the mouth with a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, with pleasant aftertaste. Playful, fruity, with noticeable sweetness which comes to stimulate the senses.

Food Pairing: Seafood, white sauce meat, cold-cuts, pasta and light dishes, or as accompaniment to salads. It could be served at 9 -10 oC as an aperitif